Founded in 2001, abkoncore provides its suppliers OEM computer components and peripherals developed by its R&D Center engineers at the most reasonable price to consumers. In addition to solidifying the development and distribution of PC parts, the company has gained a global reputation for its sales in Asia.
Every day is more fun and convenient. Designing daily life happiness.
Providing happiness to customers through
entertainment that makes daily lives richer and
products that provide convenience.
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  • 2020/12Debuted in Korean Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ)
  • 2020/07Renewal of ABKO's official website. (CI / BI Re-branding completed)
  • 2020/05Start of official distribution to Costco Wholesale.
  • 2020/05Undergo screening in preparation for going public on the KOSDAQ. (Korean stock exchange)
  • 2020/03Sponsorship deal with "STARDOM e-Sports" team.
  • 2020/03Opening of new logistics centre in Gimpo.
  • 2020/02Sponsorship deal with "Seorabeol e-Sports" team.
  • 2020/02AL Series Launched
  • 2020/01Development of HACKER's new ergonomic mouse through Wadiz funding.
  • 2020/01Exclusive partnership deal With "Danawa.com"
  • 2020/01Europe (EU) ABKONCORE international trademark application
  • 2020/01Japan (JP) ABKONCORE international trademark application
  • 2019/11Relocated headquarter (20th, 7th floor, Magokjungang 1-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul)
  • 2019/11Participated in G-star, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • 2019/10Completed Gimpo Production Logistics Complex
  • 2019/10Participated in Global Sourcing Fair (Fall), Hong Kong
  • 2019/04Participated in Global Sourcing Fair (Spring), Hong Kong
  • 2019/06Participated in ICT COMM, Ho Chih Mihn, Veitnam
  • 2019/05Participated in Computex, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2018/10Selected 6 items from Seoul Industry Promotion Agency "Seoul Award"
    Launched off-line “ABKO ZONE” (E-Mart / E-Mart Traders / Hi-Mart)
  • 2018/07Selected as a priority purchase recommendation for excellent invention products by
    the Korean Intellectual Property Office (Patent Pad banks / Mobile Tower)
  • 2018/05Received a commendation for small-giant Company(Seoul)
  • 2018/04Issued the designation of Hi Seoul Brand Company
  • 2018/03Registered a patent (light emitting device)
  • 2018/03Registered ABKONCORE trademark in China (No. 2324905)
  • 2018/03Awarded Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 2018/02Registration of design patent for Replaceable Key Module of Capacitive non-contact Keyboard
  • 2018/02The establishing of branch in Guangzhou, China
  • 2017/12launched R / T series case
  • 2017/11Launched SP120 Spectrum Fan
  • 2017/09Registration of design rights for pebble retro key cap completed
    (registration number being issued)
  • 2017/09Crystal Key Cap (Pentagraph type) Design rights registration completed
    (registration number issued)
  • 2017/09Acquisition of KC Safety Certification for 4 Padbank Models
    (certificate: PH10303-17002A,17003A,17004A,17005A)
  • 2017/09Mobile Tower Solo Design Registration Completed
    (Registration Number Issued)
  • 2017/09Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
    Certification Number: Q361417, E177817
  • 2017/09Small and Medium Business Promotion Foundation Investment
    (Transfer Bonds - Growth Sharing Funding)
  • 2017/08Halo Doubling Cooler Design Certificate Registration Completed
    (Design License Registration No. 30-0920780)
  • 2017/06Completion of registration of mobile tower solo design rights for unmanned smart devices
    (registration number 30-0910584)
  • 2017/05Mobile Tower Solo KC Safety Certification
    (Certificate: PH10303-17001A)
  • 2017/05Storage Devices, Management Systems, and How to Manage Smart Devices PCT Source
  • 2017/04Trademark Registration
    (Mobile Tower, Tablet Tower)
  • 2017/03ABKO LTD., Ilsan Branch
    (Direct Production Facility Factory Registration Case related to ICT Business)
  • 2016/12Completed registration of PC case 5 design patents
  • 2016/12Completed registration of design rights for retro-circlecaps
    (excluding 30-088540)
  • 2016/12400 million capital increase
    (one billion won in paid-in capital)
  • 2016/12Supply of 434 Padbanks in Schools in South Jeolla Province
  • 2016/12Designation of Small and Medium Export Company
    (Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 2016/11Register of static-capacity, non-contact keyboard patent
  • 2016/11Patent registration for storage devices, management systems, and management methods for smart devices (10-1678816)
  • 2016/11Certificate issued for designation of small and medium-sized enterprises promising for export
    (director of the Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 2016/11Acquisition of Mobile Tower KC Safety Certification
    (Certificate: HA10047-16003A, 16004A)
  • 2016/09PC case Rainbow Series design rights registration (registration 30-0860249)
  • 2016/09Acquisition of competitive bidding qualification certificate from the procurement office
    (manufacturing goods, small equipment chargers)
  • 2016/08Patent application for integral capacitive keyboard waterproof switchset
  • 2016/08Patent Registration
    (Smart Device Storage Device Management System and Management Method)
  • 2016/07'16 Premium S.I Solution SUITMASTER Brand Launching (July)
  • 2016/07Keyboard Design Application for Data Entry (Apply No. 2016-0018965,6)
  • 2016/06Surpassing of 50% market share in Korea (Danawa Research)
  • 2016/06Tablet PC Synchronization/Charge Control Management System
    Integrated Program Registration (Other than IOS)
  • 2016/06Registration of Padbank, Phone Bank, Mobile Tower and Tablet Tower Products Production Factory (Gyeonggi-do Ilsan)
  • 2016/05Achieved 2nd place in market share of Keyboard Category in Korea (17%, Danawa Research)
  • 2016/05Obtained Tablet Tower KC Safety Certification (Certificate Number: HA10047-16002A)
  • 2016/02SAMA, China NO.1 PC peripherals brand, as launching partner in Korea
  • 2015/07Padbank Synchronization System, Program Patent Registration
  • 2015/06Surpassing of 40% market share in Korea (Danawa Research)
  • 2015/03Declaration on the concentration of business capacity in ‘keyboard’ category
  • 2014/04Copyright Registration for Tablet PC App
    Synchronization/Charging Control Management Program (4 types)
  • Surpassing of 30% market share in Korea (Danawa Research)
  • 1st place in domestic PC case market share in second half of year (22.2%, Danawa Research)
  • Selected Hit Brand (PC Cases) in second half of year by Danawa
  • Launching of Hacker, a professional gaming equipment brand
  • Merger with NCORE INFOTECH LTD, and change of mission
  • ABSOLUTE KOREA LTD. 10th Anniversary
  • Joint participation and event with Endgame at G-star 2010
  • Ozone Brand Launch Conference
  • GAINWARD New Product Launch Conference / Ozone Brand Launch Conference
  • The Computer Club spin-off
  • Argon Brand Launch
  • Baxter trademark registration
  • Steeler trademark application
  • MOU agreement signed with Sudden Attack by GameHi
  • Distributor Agreement in Korea signed with STEELSERIES
  • Steeler Brand Launch in Korea
  • Baxter Brand Launch in Korea
  • Participate in the HCI 2008 Academic Presentation Conference
  • 2008 Partnership Relay Tour
  • Recertification of Venture as Technology Evaluation Assurance Company (Technical Assurance Fund)
  • Official Sponsor of MBC Games MIL2006 Games
  • 2005 Hit Product Selection by The Digital Times
  • 2005 Hit Product Selection by Electronic Times
  • NVIDIA SLI ZONE Official Partner Selection
  • 2002 Hit Product Selection by The Digital Times
  • Hit Product (Superior Quality Graphic Card) Selection by Electronic Times
  • Hit Product Selection (PC components and peripherals) by Maeil Business Newspaper
  • OEM graphic card and keyboard supplied to JOOYEONTECH
  • WEB 2005 e-sports Official Graphics Card Selection - INNO-BIZ
    (Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business) Grade A
  • Accreditation of Innovative SMEs (INNO-BIZ) (Technical Assurance Fund)
  • New Technology Venture Business Certificate
    (Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration) / ISO 9001 Certification
  • Exclusive Distributor Agreement in Korea signed with XFX PINE Group
  • ATI Graphics Card Supply for Nautilus Hyoseong Ltd.
  • Hit Product Selection (Leadtech A360LE) by The Digital Times, Online Newspaper
  • OEM mouse and keyboard supplied to MAPLE STORY by NEXON
  • Hit Product Selection by Computer Times
  • Signed a contract to supply OEM Keyboards and mice to NEXON a global game company.
  • Sponsored the NVIDIA Seminar of Korea Game Development Institute
  • Exclusive Distributor Agreement in Korea signed with HIS (Hightech Information System LTD.) in H.K
  • Seoul Electronic Times chose a hit product for the first half of the year
  • Venture company confirmation
    (Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration) No. 031137021-1-00127
  • 2002 Hit Product Selection by The Digital Times, Online Newspaper
  • Accreditation of Corporate Research Institute
    (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association) Vol. 2002-1372
  • Factory registration completed (Korea Industrial Complex Corporation)
  • HighTech (Hong Kong) and nVIDIA Graphics Card OEM Production Contract
  • Acquisition of 3D Power Graphics Card Business Section and ABSOLUTETM Gift Certificate
  • Establishment of ABSOLUTE KOREA LTD. R&D Center
  • Establishment of ABSOLUTE KOREA LTD.